The coronavirus outbreak has tested the entire nation and has pushed us all to our limits. Six long and gruelling months of lockdown has shown how, in times of adversity, we are able to unite as a country and work to achieve a safer environment for us all. For the most part, the British public have been consistent and compliant with lockdown rules - however, I’ve noticed that there’s one, very worrying outlier. And that outlier is those who are in power.

For the past 6 months, we have seen government officials, cabinet ministers and MPs thinking they are above the pandemic and therefore break lockdown rules. Despite this, we have seen neither the government nor MPs take responsibility and accountability for these people breaking lockdown rules. In fact, we see the quite opposite - we see these people who endanger others being defended and excused. A notable example, as I’m sure we’ve all heard of, is Dominic Cummings.

When Cummings travelled to Barnard Castle from Durham with his wife and son, police said that “had a Durham Constabulary police officer stopped Mr Cummings driving to or from Barnard Castle, the officer would have spoken to him, and, having established the facts, likely advised Mr Cummings to return to the address in Durham, providing advice on the dangers of travelling during the pandemic crisis.” The message behind that statement is clear - Cummings clearly skirted lockdown advice and put himself and others in danger of being exposed to the pandemic. Despite this, the government strongly defended him.

This blatant violation of rules and irresponsibility isn't just a Conservative party issue either - politicians and officials on all sides have got their hands dirty, too.

Time and time again, we have stories about how various MPs, regardless of party, breaking lockdown rules in their own unique ways. And it’s not just a case of a ‘few bad apples’ either. The skirting of lockdown rules is widespread amongst the House of Commons. This was seen very clearly when the 10pm curfew rule wasn’t going to apply to pubs in Parliament - an exemption that was only reversed after public uproar.

These dangerous and malicious acts aren’t something we can blame on just Cummings or the occasional MP, these are widespread acts that neither the Government nor MPs are taking responsibility for. These people need to understand that just because they are in positions of power they aren’t exempt from these regulations - their actions are endangering themselves and the wider British public. Right now, it seems as if it’s one rule for us, another for them.